a perception of

“There are no rules to this thing,” said F. Scott Fitzgerald. The simplicity of happiness is what we often seem to be missing. We trick ourselves into thinking that there is a crucial timing for each conversation to be said, each kiss to take place, each life to be brought into this world but that trick, the trick that Fitzgerald has told us we’re all fools to believing, is that there’s not one. “We can change or stay the same,” and timing has absolutely nothing to do with it. Except… I think that’s where Fitzgerald was wrong. Happiness is anything but simple and timing is furthest from irrelevant. Maybe there aren’t any written rules, any guidelines we are destined to follow for happiness, but there is something. Then again, it depends; how do you perceive it?

Perception. I suppose whether or not you find any meaning behind this blog is completely and utterly based on your viewpoint in your life right now. Which can change, Fitzgerald was right about that, but timing has everything to do with it.

I find it both endearing and awful that the simplicity of happiness can be anything but. Why can I not say what I have to and change it already? Well, because right now timing is everything. There are rules to this thing, unwritten rules that can seem to be ruining our only shot at happiness. But they’re there, and they are because at these times in our lives where absolutely nothing makes sense, these times are happening for reasons. That was a phrase I always questioned, until a wonderful person told me this:

“I think it depends. I personally believe in fate, that every person encounters troubles, happiness, pain, loss, gain… for a reason. There’s a lesson in everything even when it seems impossible to decipher. I think everything in life is all based on perception. I agree that naturally, we are afraid of the unknown. And saying things happen for a reason to blanket ourselves does make sense and I think some people probably do use it in that way. I don’t see that as a bad thing though. It can be bad. It can be good. Depends on the person and the situation. I don’t view it that way, as reassurance, I honestly believe it. I think we all have things we are supposed to do and see and feel. And I believe it’s one of our purposes in life to figure out the best way to look at each of those things; to figure out how to make it benefit ourselves no matter what the situation.”

That being said, these rules that Fitzgerald claims to be non-existent I don’t see as necessarily rules, but reasons. You see, because sometimes, I think we have to lose ourselves in order to find ourselves again. No one said we had to, we are ultimately in control, and although the reason can be impossible to decipher, it is there. Sometimes we cannot find reasoning until we have stopped searching. And sometimes… unfortunately, we have to search for what can feel like eternity. There is no telling of what will pull us back in; and that’s the scary part, not knowing where you are. But I, too, believe in fate. I believe that if it is meant to be it will be, but it is up to us to decide when we discover that. Fate is the compass, but our minds are the hands that are holding it. And if fate is our compass, it is where we are standing that determines where it will take us. And there was never anything to stop our feet from moving.

So, no matter your perception in life at this moment, I hope you are able to see that we all get lost and scared and don’t know who we are but what is most important is that we aren’t standing still with the compass. Sometimes we find ourselves in stagnate, we get our feet caught in quick sand and we cannot move. But no matter the situation, find purpose in it; be sure to keep on moving. Because what I’ve realized is that life does not stop for any of us, which can be utterly exhausting, but nothing worth having comes easy. I hope that if you are stuck, you start moving as soon as you can. And I hope you realize that when you do, at the end of all this, you realize that some things have never changed, and some people never left.