simple request; yet dangerous trek

I dare you to be vulnerable. If I ask anything of you, if the world asks anything of us at this time in our lives, I ask that you open yourself to the world’s deepest extremities; to the innermost core of your reality and the wildest depths of your dreams. Do not invite anyone else in – not at first. Let your mind wallow through the darkest waters and traipse into the wondrous forests of your life as you knew, know, and wish to see. I ask you to sit with your thoughts and yours only, and to think deeply of who you are. We can become vulnerable with human beings and love and lust, but the most terrifying state of vulnerability we can reach is within ourselves.

I dare you to go there.

Make the leap; go to the place in your mind you subconsciously know is there, yet you knowingly shy away from. Do not run into the dark where your shadows disappear; there is a reason they are only visible in sunlight. Go there. You may be surprised with the beauties the unknown can bring.