beauty in oblivion

There will come a time when
we are meant to discover
all we have and have not wondered

and what you’ll find is that
these moments will either be
all you have hoped for
or all you wish to forget

because sometimes,
in our moments of discovery
we wish we were left wondering

and it will be those moments
you will need to hold onto

because although you will,
wish yourself back
back into oblivion
back to innocence

you were looking for it all along
and it has finally found you

so take it, and run with it
you will have new wonders
and you will know new discoveries

you see, because ignorance
was never bliss, my friend
you were

and it is your time now
it is your time to grow
it is your time to find,
to see, to hurt, and
to love, more

more than you ever have.