It always comes back to you. Sometimes in fleeting glimpses, sometimes in enormous, beautiful waves, and sometimes, it disappears for some time. But nothing can compare to it, to happiness. Despite all of it, despite the worst of times, the day it arrives will forever tower over the day it left.

It comes to you in colors. It comes in the sky and the air and grass and the trees. It comes to you through songs and long drives and it’ll come in late nights and early mornings. You’ll find it in coffee shops and airplane rides and strangers and familiar places. You’ll see it in sunsets and sunrises and in the eyes of kids and the hearts of others. You’ll hear it in the silence of conversations and the simplicity of friendship. You’ll feel it in the summers and you’ll see it in the transition from falls to winters. You’ll find it in long talks and funny conversations and moments you step back to tell yourself “don’t forget this.” You’ll find it in the endings and the beginnings and the forevers. You’ll see it everywhere, it comes to you through so many things. More than anything, though, it comes to you through people; through the most beautiful, significant people in your life. The ones you love, the ones whose existence makes this world a better place; the ones who change your life.

You’ll find it everywhere. It’s a word and it’s a feeling that at times can get lost in the midst of heartbreak and big crowds and fears, but it always returns. Happiness is a lot of places, but you’ll find it most when you aren’t looking. Of course we all have days to look forward to and memories to look back on, but while looking at those, I think you’ll find the most content with looking at what you have, and who you have, and looking around at the world, and then you’ll just see it. It’s the most endearing surprise.

“You don’t find happiness from living your life looking forward or back. You find it when you look around.”