“I think everyone waits for the moment. The one where you step outside just to be there. The sun is looking the way it does when its rays bounce off of it into the sky, and it looks like a miraculous light is being sent down to this one spot. Where the clouds seem to form to shield that light, almost looking like a different universe. The air… is so crisp, and so warm, that you can breathe and feel it sink in. Then you stand there for a moment, as a slight breeze blows by, and you can feel the glow of the sun as it moves closer to the ground. Its warmth flows through you, beneath you, and above you. It seems as if everywhere else is so still. Then you hear it… your thoughts become the comforting breeze surrounding you. And all the people you love and all the times that became worth it come to your mind… and you, are so, content. I think that’s the moment, the one we’re all waiting for.”

Of course, in reality waiting is irrelevant. We are impatient, and when the waiting continues we begin to stop waiting and stop searching, we find the next best thing and there’s that. We’re settled. I think the problem is that there are too many people who don’t believe in extraordinary things.

…and then perception comes back to mind. What do you perceive as extraordinary things? The beauty of the answer to that question is the silence at the other end. There is no single answer and there is no timing that the “answer” can ever be fulfilled. Extraordinary things should always be coming to your mind and I hope you see something extraordinary every day, that you feel something every day. The reality of that truly being achieved is hard to accomplish though. I wonder what you felt when you read the quote in the beginning of this blog… I wonder if you felt you could feel that, or if you’ve reached that moment. Or I wonder if you felt like you never will. I think there will be moments that you feel it and moments that you have lost it. Sometimes, everything described up there becomes the complete opposite, and you can’t step outside; it scares you. We’re scared to be happy without things and without people sometimes, we’re scared to try to feel something that might not exist, we’re scared to feel something that we know is so strong. And sometimes we are scared to admit anything at all.

The part that matters is trying to figure out where to go. I think that’s when we have to look really deep down. When we have to keep in mind that everything happens for a reason. I think when awful things occur we have to look for the quiet shy voice in our hearts telling us it will be okay. Because like a quote I recently stumbled upon read, “Stay positive. The things you are waiting and hoping for, tend to arrive at the most unexpected moments.” So we wait. But we have to keep moving.

It’s a strange concept, it’s like catching the sunset. It can be so tricky trying to find it at the perfect moment, like you’re driving down the road or walking along the sidewalk trying to get to the spot where the sun bends over the trees, or the ocean, or maybe even a backyard it doesn’t matter where you are. It’s all in the timing though, and it is all completely out of our control. The sun sets on it’s own at different times and different places; and sometimes, maybe more than you’d like, there might be some clouds covering it.  Take this for what it’s worth, one of my best friends and I one day woke up early to watch the sunrise, and although we thought we timed it out perfectly there were too many clouds out at the time; the sun was nowhere in sight the sky just became brighter. Although we didn’t end up seeing what we were looking for, it was still a beautiful sight, it was still a wonderful morning. There will be cloudy mornings and nights that seem too dark, but you will find a day that you’re walking along the road or stepping outside and it all surprises you, a day that you aren’t looking for it. And then I hope you will realize, there has never been a more beautiful sunset.