That’s the thing about oblivion, I once wrote it was beautiful. I once believed ignorance is bliss. But ignorance can never be bliss when it was once familiarity. When we once knew someone who was everything, and then that someone became a no one and everything felt like nothing because you had lost and found yourself in and then, without, someone once.

And it’s beginning to become more and more clear to me that the concept of oblivion is oblivious within itself. They once said what we don’t know can’t hurt us, but what if what we don’t know is the only thing capable of setting us free?

For the longest time, I feared that. But, as we live in a constant whirlwind of change, it has become even more clear to me that after it all, we must only free ourselves. And I know that you have feared the unknown. I know that’s what oblivion can do to us; I know that its waves send us swimming and then drowning in the “what if’s”… but we all get a little lost sometimes.

It is the loss, the search, and the discovery that you will find yourself in. After all, we’re all swimming in the same sea; just at different speeds, fighting different currents, floating in different waters. Because I know you had all these feelings, once. And I know what once was, can be once again, but I also know that in the moments you were once terrified, you became fearless.

And I hope the waves don’t pull you in too deep and I hope you keep your gaze locked tight on the light above the waters – straight towards the skyline. Because one day, you will reach it. I cannot tell you when that day will come, but I can tell you it’s coming.

“For whatever we lose, like a you or a me, it is always ourselves we find in the sea.”
-E.E. Cummings


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