sad, and not beautiful, tragic

the tragedy of the 20’s
the meaningless pleasure
follows destruction after heartbreak
sad, and not beautiful, tragic

for the first time it’s different
different eyes and different faces
finding temporary happiness
in nothing but empty spaces

but she will never be her
and he can never be him
you could not compare
the others barely exist
after a love like theirs

he’s lost and she’s scared
the last hand she touched
did not even care
and deep down she knew
but she was alone and afraid
and then she was just used
he didn’t hold her didn’t look at her
like he always used to

and if there was a she
one in the entire world
she didn’t truly matter
she could never be her
she didn’t care for him
didn’t look at him or see him
she couldn’t –
not in the way she did

but what else to do
in the tragedy of the 20’s
that they have fallen into

yet she knows him all too well
to know that he’s fine
but he cares far too much
thinks she’s better off
without him by her side

so she takes another drink
and puts on a smile
while he has a smoke
and forgets for a while

that he destroyed and left her
for just a little fun
stupid boy,
don’t you know..
that she was the one?

she loved and believed in you
more than anyone else ever had
and darling, the clock is ticking
hurry while you still can

though now they are so different
in the most tragic ways
with what they had,
one thing remains the same

at the end of the night
they both look to the stars
wondering about each other
how in the world they got so far

she holds onto the day
he’ll hold her again
and he wonders, afraid,
if she’ll ever let him

the unanswered question
the story of two
who loved so much