hidden in the pages
discovered through time
seen within these words
and every subtle rhyme

written here

as the months have passed
they soon turn to years
from now,
I’m not sure where we’ll be

It’s not that that I miss you
It’s not that I don’t
It’s not that I need you
It’s not that I won’t

It’s just within these secrets
I’ve kept from myself
pushed you out for so long
but the ice now begins to melt

I was numb to your existence
for the longest time
but Fall is arriving
and I can’t help but try

to remember the days
of leaves beneath our feet
of each fall, each spring,
and winters, so sweet

we fell with the leaves
and fell with the snow
I had no idea, this past winter
I would have to let you go

and sometimes I wonder
when you see these words,
if you’ll think of mornings
we’d wake
only you and I in the world

make a cup of coffee
enough for two
I’d dance around in your t-shirt
twirling through the room

then you’d pull me to your arms
so close to your heart
knowing at that moment
we’d never be apart

you’d laugh and I’d smile
because we both knew
I’m not much of a dancer
but I did it for you

you see it’s these moments
that bring me back
and make me wonder if our love
was meant for more than the past

all the little things
that can often be forgotten
like when you said the thought of forever
with me
is one to get lost in

the little notes we’d leave
and the letters we’d write
or when the clock struck two
at the cafe that night

or the other cafe
where the old man bought our meal
because of how in love we were
he could see it was real

and maybe you think of me
when you hear Taylor Swift
maybe those songs bring you back
to the first time we kissed

that night when the stars
were shining just right
we walked out to your car
and stood under the streetlight

it was there we danced
and I remember the exact spot
I remember the look in your eyes
you loved me so much

I remember that morning
on the grass behind the park
I had never been so happy
just listening to your heart

and lastly, I can’t forget
the night you looked at me and said
“two-twenty, forever,
you’re my best friend.”

but I know you’ve moved on
we’ve gone on our ways
except sometimes, I wish
you just could’ve stayed

because lately these moments
are all coming back
and I don’t know why

I can remember your laugh

I can remember so much
but what I can’t seem to grasp
is why we gave up

on a love so strong,
invincible, and true
I know you have changed
but I have, too

and so I wonder why I write this
since eight months passed
I suppose I think you’ll read it
and maybe you’d come back

not because I need you
perhaps it’s just to see
if the love between us
was truly meant to be

but when I think of what I’ve written
for you throughout time
your silence on the other end
says you really meant goodbye

so I’d like to take this time
with all the words written here
to thank you for the time we spent —
an unforgettable four years

and if your eyes ever stumble
upon this page you’ll see
a secret I’ve left

For, you
Love, me