the books

Maybe, one day, things will have changed
Maybe the earth will soften and we won’t be afraid
Maybe the sun won’t hide and we’ll finally look
Up at the clouds emerging like a book
Maybe, one day, we’ll read each one we find
But, as for today, we’ll choose to hide
We’ll only read the title
Ignoring the sublime
We’ll just look through the shelves;
We’re terrified
Love is our second language
Judgement is our first
Vulnerability is madness
We’re afraid to get hurt
But don’t we all want
The ones who love our whole book
Who read our worst chapters
And aren’t afraid to look
At each page we’ve torn out
But won’t stop reading
Until they know all our secrets
Every little meaning
And even then, they promise to stay
Writing our story with us
Maybe, one day

Until then, my only wish
Is that every shelf you approach
You see it as a gift
You open each book and give it a chance
I hope you read a few chapters
I hope you get to the last
If it isn’t your favorite,
Put it gently on the shelf
Remember each book – is unlike any else
I hope you take every piece of every book and don’t forget
That the beauty of seeing is life’s greatest gift

And so maybe, one day,
We’ll open every book
We won’t read the titles or judge based on look
We’ll just trust the fact that
A book so great was made
And maybe, we will

Maybe we’ll do that one day.