the wonderers, the searchers, and the realists

This abyss; the trees and the mist and the blue sky and the lives that may or may not be in existence. I wonder about it all. But I question what there is to even wonder, it’s like I’m looking for an answer to a question that never existed. Will there ever be one? I keep wondering and —

“The answer, my friend, is to believe that there is not.”

As I looked past the old oak tree that towered over the stream flowing across majestic rocks of ivory gold… a wise, old man appeared from a quaint cottage hidden behind the vines that dangled from the tops of this tree across the stream to the entrance of what I would soon know to be the beginning of an answer to my infinite wonders.

“Hi, hi my name is —”

“I know very well who you are, young man.”

“How did you hear me? How do you know my thoughts how—when did that cottage appear?” For a brief moment it all felt like this journey was beginning to make sense – but the next, this moment to me seemed all too much like a fantasy. They told us to not believe in it; in the enchantment of illusion. But that is precisely why I left. I refused to be corrupted into their pragmatic way of life. And so then, I decided I would certainly allow this spectacle to enchant me to the best of its abilities.

“Oh,” he chuckled, “you never do stop with the questions, do you? I forget about you wonderers sometimes.”

“Wonderers — I am the wonderer. You’re the seeker! You can tell me why I’m here, can you not? What is the answer to all of this?”

“The answer, I told you my friend, is to believe there is not one,” the old, wise man continued with a sense of certainty, “If you wish to ponder the extremities of that statement, allow your mind to see the light and the dark because both will appear. However, if you one day find the dark too great in existence to see elsewhere, do not mind my objection to your thoughts. For even if the dark seems too large, the light will show so long as you do not let fear fall upon you.

Keep in mind, the beauty of not receiving an answer resides in the mind that always wanders. Those who do, however, the wonderers, they sometimes achieve thoughts with such depth that they fall into a false reality. And those who do not are sometimes driven to the falseness of contentment that lingers in the minds of the realists. To strive for contentment, yes, but to remain in that state, never. And that, my friend, is why we need the realists and the wonderers to fill this void in the universe where unanswered dreams rest.

But, promise me to be delicate and cautious with your thoughts, and to not confuse wondering with searching. Those who search, search endlessly and often miss the beauties that lie beneath their feet. There is a fine line between the searchers and the wonderers and the realists. You must be certain to acknowledge the present, and while keeping your mind gratified, do not ever stop dreaming.”

“I wish there were another word for that,” I said, “Dreams… I think there are far too many people in this world who view dreams as ideas we have that are too distant from reality to be something real.”

“But it hasn’t stopped you,” he said. And he turned to look at me with the eyes of time that peered into my soul, the eyes that told me I had more to this quest.

“No,” I said smiling, “it hasn’t.”

“That is why you’re here. That’s why there are ones like you who ask the questions.”

“Is that why I found you? You’re the answer,” I said.

“Oh, no, never. Never let my words hold the definition of an answer. Let this bring you insight, but allow yourself to keep wondering. Take my words and do what you will, but take your eyes and seek the sight that only your vision can create and think the thoughts only your mind can know and share that knowledge when the time is right. Expose it to the world. When you do, you may find that answers, my friend, lead to infinite wonders.”

And just like that, he disappeared. Into the abyss of wonder; the unimaginable beauty that stretched out before my eyes. Leaving me to find the unanswerable question of the universe. And so I went; believing I was the wonderer, and that it was now my fate to search for this infinite meaning as to why this enchanting quest was so necessary to believe in.