your side of the mountain (part 1)

I wonder about you often

I wonder what you see over there

If the sun is warm, if the earth feels soft, if we see the same stars

I wonder if your beautiful hazel eyes are dancing across these words

Dancing slowly, and passionately, across my words

Like they always have

I wonder if your ears ache for the sound of my voice

Speaking so treacherously and soft, for only you

I wonder if your hazel eyes miss staring into my blue midnight skies

And if your heart misses the feeling of me

Of love and the intertwining of your soul with mine

I wonder if you gaze to the moon at a time known for only you & I

A time where the last three breaths of that day were spoken for each other

There is one thought I have never wondered

A thought I never doubtedly pondered

Your love

Your unconditional, endless love

For me