your side of the mountain (part 2)

I do wonder if the rocks ever crashed upon you
wonder if you have been in the same hell I am
If it rains and storms and the sun shines for a brief moment
I wonder if the rocks hit you at all
It seems like you dodged each one
But I could not escape the falling
The rocks, they took you, too
And it feels as if you have died
I was drowning, suffocating, slowly and painfully
And it was you
It was never supposed to be you
It was always supposed to be you
Despite the fall,
I think it always will be
But you are not here and..

If one day you come to pull me from the rocks
You will come only to find I have gotten myself out
And I have gained so much
I have an abundance of love and happiness but dark, dark days
And I think you do, too
Because you have all but me and
I have all but you

And I wonder…
I wonder about you us